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Strategic planning and brand management:

• Brand Strategic Planning.
• Brand Genetics Structure.
• Brand Power Analysis.

Planning and development of overall business strategies:

• Base Studies: Habits, and Use of Consumer Attitudes.
• Segmentation and Positioning Studies.

Design and development of strategic products / brands:

• Product Test.
• Packaging Test.
• Name Test.
• Identity Test.
• Concept Test.
• Price Analysis.
• Experts Panel.
• Consumers Panel.
•Market Test.
•Ethnography studies, psicography and Lifestyles of Consumers

Design and development of relations strategies: Customers, opinion leaders, suppliers and employees:

• Studies of the Point of Sale
• Customer Satisfaction auditing
• Service Quality Monitoring  / SQM
• Mysterious Clients  Programs
• Loyalty Studies
• Image and Corporate Reputation
• Audit of the Human Resources Management.
• Studies Detection Skills.
• Organizational Climate Monitoring.
• Detection of needs and evaluate the results of the development of human capital.

Design and development of integrated communication strategies:

Pre-testing Advertising:
• Exploratory tests of target public
• Testing strategies and advertising concepts.
• Testing of ideas and creative executions.

Post-testing Advertising / Advertising Effectiveness:
• Studies of recollection and penetration advertising.
• Assessment of advertising tracking.

Sales Promotions and Customer Loyalty programs:

Pre-testing strategies, concepts and implementation:
• On the sales force, distributors and consumers.
• Post-immediate evidence (beginning of the promotion or program).
• Post-tests at the end (the end of the promotion or program).
• Follow-up studies of the promotional impact in the medium term.

Public Relations, Events, Sponsorships and Institutional Communications:
• Pre-test Studies.
• Opinion Studies.
• Assessment and monitoring of the impact on institutional initiatives and public relations in the various target audiences


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