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People and their lives, management and trademarks vision , client business. .

BPI Trendsights TM: Model which allows to identify and approach people who set guidelines and push forward the new market trends - psicographic profile-, in general, and of a particular market.

It is a model which provides an innovative  overview of the vision towards the future of the markets, that offers the possibility to know, anticipate and capitalize on opportunities offered by new trends to come.

It can be developed with a methodology panel or join investigations Ad Hoc.

BPI Brandsights TM: It is a model of qualitative and quantitative nature that provides  analysis and logical meaning of the vision and equity of the brand, projecting a comprehensive and deep understanding of the fundamental values and personality of the brand: How the brand is, what it offers, its performance, as well as its affinity level, loyalty and "heartlink" with the target.

It helps to evaluate the performance and the vitality of the brand, the level of relevance, esteem and loyalty generated by  the target, correct the course when necessary and optimize the communication strategy integral to the brand.

BPI Panels: Personal Panel, TelephonePanel, Net Research Panel based in  panels, where a fixed sample reports continuously on their attitudes, buying habits and consumption, individual or by family, with the purpose of measuring trends and changes in consumption , as well as the impact of marketing activities and communication of brands.

It uses various methods to record and gather information, beginning with the daily use of individual and family, to the approach of individuals by different access channels: Telephone, Internet and Personal.

Trade SQM

It answers questions such as:

· What are the most important service aspects  for the clients?

· How is the business performance compared against the competition?

· What are the areas of service which should be given priority and require greater attention to improve performance?

· What would the reactions of customers and the outcomes be of the implementation of new products, changes or improvements of service to the trade in the future?


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