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Collaborating with technical and professional expertise in the area of market research (local and international) in the two main levels of information: Quantitative and Qualitative.


Fieldwork staff: Projects Leaders , surveyor,  interviewers and supervisors. Statisticians, computer information professionals, analysts with extensive experience in different business areas


Psychologists and social scientists with extensive experience in the business field , able to empathize and keen analysis and interpretation of the insights of individuals and trademarks, which assist methodologies, techniques and tools that facilitate the deepening that required in such studies and for the detection and analysis of trends.

Some of the techniques we use:
Focus groups quick groups, diads, triads, creative groups, in-depth interviews / semi-structured archetypes, ethnography, among others.

Projective Resources: Climbing, collage, analogies, metaphors, personification, dramatization, association of ideas, role playing, biography, perception issue, targeting groups, among others


IMSA provides and makes available to its clients and their brands, a set of updated techniques for recollection and processing information in investigations Ad-Hoc.

In depth analysis with foresight in qualitative studies, as well as sophisticated statistical methods and sampling as required by decision-making depending on quantitative research: descriptive studies, parametric and nonparametric, use of SPSS program for Windows for the electronic processing of information, as well as dealing with people through systems: CATI, ICSC and CAWI.

CATI: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing

It is a platform that integrates all the computer information and communications components required for perfect data processing and data transmission of telephone interviews studies.

The system is versatile and easy to use, both by interviewers as by supervisors.

Allows automate the gathering of data through an interactive "voice response" (IVR) system, which allows to conduct all kinds of projects, or to be used with CATI projects.

CAPI : Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing

It is a system to perform mobile computer-assisted surveys. When mobility is vital to the interviewers, handheld data capture is the solution, the only thing  needed to carry out the survey is a PALM. A mobile solution is aimed at making field gathered information efficient and quickly accessible, as it allows for a significant reduction in response times as well as a reduction of operating costs. In addition, the mobile solution enables the delivery of already digitized information to the analysis department, so that is ready to integrate into a computer process.

CAWI: Computer Assisted Web Interviewing (2008)

It is a computer system developed in a Web platform designed to allow, beyond a simple web form, customizing  the whole process into a meaningful online research , . CAWI lets you create databases of survey recipients, send surveys by  E-mail or send a message, indicating the availability of the survey in a database on the Internet.

The Web assistant and the protocols automate repetitive and inefficient tasks , freeing more time to devote to other more important tasks.

The flexibility, simplicity and clarity encourage the questionnaires to be filled out by respondents, make reports and publish the results quickly and easily, the solution is so flexible, that can be adapted to all the needs of the  investigation.

Perceptual Analyzer Technology (2008)

It is the global standard technology to gather information in groups, ideally used in: Focus groups, testing and evaluation in a general sense: products, concepts, business communication, among others, political campaigns, trade shows and conferences, meetings and reports, as well in corporate training and education.

The Perceptual Analyzer is easy to use, participants use a hand-held dials to answer questions, provide feedback and express their views on an individual basis. In addition, the Perceptual Analyzer displays and shows instantly  benchmark information resulting from people's views to customers observers, facilitators or consultants, providing the opportunity to observe the results of a variety of formats of closed end questions


We have our own facilities - Gesell Cameras - for the development of focus groups and other qualitative techniques for the gathering of information, our Insights Center, where insights light the way to and from the brands, and to and from individuals.

Internet  Transmission in real time of the focus groups and the gathering of information through qualitative techniques, allowing the client to see and hear anywhere in the world wherever he may be.

Exterior audio and video recording  teams for quantitative and qualitative market research, to be used in public places: no participant observation, "mysterious buyers" ethnographic studies, among others.


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